The most effective form of perimeter security.

The Benefits:

* Raises the wall height with a physical barrier

* High voltage non lethal shock

* Will sound an alarm if compromised

* Can be linked to house alarm to notify Armed Response

The most common height used are 8 Lines (80cm High), upright or angle. Although we can custom any size fence.

Wall top electric fencing can be customed to customers requirements. 


When choosing an energizer unit, always ask for a security energizer. Our security energizers, monitors the fence line system. As soon as the would be intruder tries to throw a blanket over the fence, within Two pulses it creates an alarm.

Should someone try to break or cut the electric fence, it will detect a break and immediately go into alarm mode.

We highly recommend to link your electric fence to the local armed response or we can fit a GSM device   to send a SMS message to your Mobile phone in case of an alarm condition. You can remotely control (Arm/Disarm) your electric fence from your Mobile phone as well.

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